LakeShore Adult Center

LakeShore is now serving adults, 18+ years in age, who have graduated high school.

We are committed to working and learning collaboratively with the people we support by ensuring that our services facilitate the achievement of their personal goals through customized learning activities. We go beyond just providing basic services to addressing real quality of life issues. LakeShore has developed a culture where staff explore the major barriers that inhibit people with disabilities from achieving greater independence and develop strategies for increasing regular opportunities for personal growth and expression. By working hand in hand with the individuals we serve, we are breaking barriers standing in their way.

Our Mission
Our mission is to transform the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing opportunities to achieve their fullest potential within their community.

Our Vision
We envision a day where every individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the ability and opportunity to feel accomplished at home, work and in their community.

Our Heritage
In 1969, Patricia Wilhelm and Fred Jennings started a camp to help reinforce academics over summer break for students who struggled in school, naming it LakeShore Day Camp. Fred and Pat were committed to the success of camp, and with the support of their families and the community LakeShore continued to meet the needs of their campers each summer and offered activities throughout school year. For the next 39 years they nurtured its growth and development.

In the early 2000’s Fred and his son Dan had a vision for LakeShore to extend beyond school into adulthood. A spark in imagination led to plans which pointed toward a promising future, but fruition was halted. Fred battled cancer until 2008, not once letting it hinder his commitment to his family, work, or LakeShore. Following in his father’s footsteps, Dan began serving as the Director of LakeShore, carrying forward a half century of traditions, but the dreams of expanding LakeShore seemed to be an overwhelming challenge.

For the next eight years Fred’s vision remained a dream, but in 2015 LakeShore is ready to take its next big step in supporting individuals with disabilities.

In 2017 Dan and Gareau took LakeShore into the next generation; LakeShore’s first Adult Center opened in July or 2017. Our goal is to serve adults with disabilities so that all individuals have the potential to expand their opportunities and feel accomplished at home, work and in the community. Individuals will be empowered to initiate and act upon personal choices in a supportive setting, to build a unique schedule of activities, and to acquire skills that will be useful in their daily lives.
Fred and Pat are remembered everyday as their values and traditions are continually present in all aspects of LakeShore life.